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My Mission

I am passionate about creating and maintaining impeccable financials from which to make solid business and personal decisions. My mission is to present the story of your finances, set up your budget, create your financial roadmap, deliver customized monthly reports, and give you your next action steps.

Whether you need help setting up, cleaning up or catching up, I will bring clarity to your finances to set you on the right track to reach your goals.

I'm already excited for your success!

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My Approach

Finances are just one component of today's fast-paced, complex and information-overloaded society. While the financial aspect is what I exclusively deal with, the other integral pieces of the puzzle are energy and time. My goal for my clients is to create a positive feedback loop between their use of energy, time and money.

My Journey

My name is Monika Lund and I am the founder of North Star Financial Solutions, LLC. I am a first generation American and the first in my family to earn a graduate degree. I grew up in a family business where I learned how to run every aspect of an enterprise. The parts that I especially loved was assisting our customers, maintaining the bookkeeping and our annual meeting with our CPA. The way he would always say "on the money" after reviewing our financial statements made my heart sing!

I finally answered my calling while my children were young and began to work on my Bachelor's in Accounting. As I approached the finish line, the road stretched before me and I completed my Master's in Accounting.


I am now studying for my CPA exams, fueled by dreaming of a life full of travel & rich experiences.

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