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Become Your Own CFO

Every major organization has a CFO whose responsibility it is to efficiently obtain and allocate all their resources to ensure profitability.  If you work for someone else, you are an input in their business plan.  This same CFO-like laser focus is required to write yourself off of someone else's business plan so that you can create your own.


If you do not take 100% charge of your energy, time & money, someone else sure will!

Financial Success Roadmap

  • Analyze income/expense history

  • Organize all accounts

  • Set short and long-term goals

  • Set up a personalized finance dashboard

  • Create a budget

  • Measure progress, set or adjust goals

Your Investment

Taking control of your personal finances will empower you to focus on the next steps in your journey towards your unique vision. 

  • $600 Financial Success Roadmap

  • $150 monthly

  • $300 quarterly strategy session

*These are minimum rates. 

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