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Balance is an Illusion

This is one of my favorite quotes from a masterpiece of a book that was written in 2001. I could riff on this every single day for an entire year because it applies to every single facet of our lives. And I love that this comes from a time before social media for various reasons...

This also describes how we are able to keep businesses in balance through the use of bookkeeping (the recording of transactions) and accounting (the extraction of meaning from the financial statements). Where many might feel overwhelmed, us accountants see this beautiful puzzle waiting to be solved because in doing so, we will be able to unlock the treasure that the complete picture will reveal. We thrive on the tiny little details and know exactly the few places to check when something is missing or suddenly thrown out of whack. This is our idea of fun! And when we solve one, we look for the next one to solve, and the next and the next...

Solving these puzzles creates leverage in the form of insight that you can use to make decisions that will create the future you envision.

And the fun really begins when you start to see the connection between time, energy and money so that you utilize each in a way that is in alignment with how you want to use this precious gift of life.

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