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I love clarity in all things. The only way to achieve this is to establish the truth about how we gain/utilize our finances, time and energy and then create systems of measurement so that we can track our progress.

For personal finances, I use YNAB. You can DIY or fast track what it feels like to gain total control over money by having yours truly walk you through each step 1:1. Many people get stuck by either tech, accounting or just over-complicating. Or they may not be sure everything is set up correctly. Even as an accountant, I had to do a bit of back and forth to ensure I had set up everything correctly. If you value time over money, a 1:1 is your clear choice. If you value money over time, opt for the DIY using the many online resources available. You will get there eventually, and it will be well worth it.

​For business finances, I use QuickBooks Online. While there is one right way to use it, there are endless wrong ways to use it as well. If you are not sure, please reach out and I will guide you on your next free steps as expeditiously as possible. (Expeditious is one of my many superpowers because I ​detest tech hell.)

For time & energy, I pretty much created another field of study. I have been time tracking since April of last year. I can tell you what I was doing during any 15-minute increment. I also plan weekly using my system of minimums. This is the basic list of items that must be completed each day. For me, this means that coffee is always waiting to be brewed in the morning, trash gets brought out and taken in on time, the mail is checked, the menu planning and shopping gets done, a very (and I mean VERY) bare minimum of cleaning gets done. You get the idea. Implementing this has been a game changer for me. I am not ready to bring the final product with the world just yet, but I just wanted to share.

Underneath the pursuit of clarity in time, money and energy is figuring out who you are, what you want and why you want those things - so that you can confidently enter any room ready to share your authentic self with the world. Be yourself and F any algorithms. Trust that your people will find you and they can only find you if you are yourself.

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