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What is Beast Mode?

I love this little guy. If my business had a mascot, he would be it.

He represents the epitome of Beast Mode - that space where you are in flow, all the pieces are falling into place, you have a clear vision in your mind which you move towards in everything you do, and there is complete integrity.

You really know you're onto something when the little people around you start to do the little things that significantly alter the trajectory of their lives.

You wish you knew this stuff when you were their age but then quickly remind yourself (again) of the divine sequence of events.

Those before you traveled their paths which led you to your starting point. Then the little ones started their journeys from where they see that you left off. The seeds you've been watering through years of seemingly unproductive days and sleepless nights are starting to show little green shoots.

You have found the Treasure and now it's about bringing it back to show the world.

This is my Olympics.

Watch this space.

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