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Teach How to Teach

This little ditty has been knocking around my head for 20+ years. It was inspired by my economics professor when he spent the first *week* of our Microeconomics class teaching us how to be good students. I was in my 20's at the time and up until then, no one had taken the time to explain to me how to efficiently learn quite like he had. He must have written "Learn How to Learn" up on his whiteboard. Then my mind played with it until I came up with these four lines.

Learn How to Learn: the mind has to be open to new information, especially to the idea that what you think you know may either be incorrect or outdated.

Learn How to Teach: to reach this level, you have to walk the talk. Ain't no one going to listen to you if you're not doing the thing you're telling others to do.

Teach How to Learn: if you're walking the walk, people will listen to you and will learn from your examples. They will be open to what you have to teach them.

Teach How to Teach: this is the sweet spot where you are operating from the place of pure alignment because you know deep in your bones that you are on a divine mission.

So here's my divine mission - to help you right your ship so your kids can avoid alllll the financial mistakes that you (and I) have made:

  1. Whip your personal finances into shape: schedule a chit chat with me and I will tell you alllll the steps for FREE. If you get stuck or decide that you want to skip the time spent during the learning curve, I offer 1:1 to get your personal finances in tip-top shape.

  2. Get your business finances in order. This fuels your personal finances and you want to MAXIMIZE this! I can totally help you!

Back to Teach how to Teach.

This is about leveraging what I can teach you to your children and to all those in your circle of influence.

This is my Divine Mission.

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