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Today, I was listening to a podcast where the host was coaching a couple through their financial issues. In just a few minutes, I could see both the root cause of their conflict as well as the solution. Despite the fact that they made well over $300K a year, they were wasting thousands of dollars a month because no one was managing their finances. Money simply flew in and out of their accounts. They were quickly racking up credit card debt again after having just paid it off 6 months prior using the proceeds of the sale of their house.

The stuff that they were spending money on was not making them happy and they were stressed about the things they wanted that they could not afford. She had a business that she was spending over $3K a month on coaching programs that were clearly not helping.

I really felt for them because what they really needed was for someone to first organize their finances, create an accurate budget based on payment priorities (to include needs, wants and wishes), and then teach them how to allocate all their income with respect to these priorities.

Whether we have our own business or work for someone else, ground zero is our personal finances because this is where we realize the WHY of how we earn money. Whip this into shape and everything else will fall into place.

Either learn how to DIY for free or I can fast track you through each step:

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