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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."  Jalaludin Rumi

"When I came to Monika to explore her services, I was feeling trapped by my own finances. I had dreams for my finances and no matter how hard I tried with the budget, I just couldn’t seem to move the needle forward. Monika was the missing piece. She helped me learn that I was trying to create a dream by looking in the rearview mirror. Now, I am informed by the past and empowered to create my financial future...I came to Monika thinking I needed assistance with bookkeeping for my business. Little did I know, I needed the full accounting package. Monika has offered insight, clarity, and systems that shifted my whole financial future in all the right ways. She showed me how to set personal budgeting goals, track them in real time, and then use that information to inform my business goals each month. She is the whole package and has delivered next level clarity in both personal and business finances. Now I know exactly what I need to do in my business to create the financial independence I have been desiring." - Jessica

"I reached out to Monika in a “perceived” financial disaster. Not only did she ease my mind that I am not the first one that has been here. She loved me through the hard questions to really look at my current reality and come to a place where I am grateful for it - It gives me clarity of what I have been doing and how to reach my goals. She walked me through what I need to do to measure and manage my finances. I know I have complete confidentiality and I know that I am in control now and have the path to change my financial situation and create a life of abundance - 

Thank you Monika for your incredible heart, knowledge, and patience. You are Brilliant and I am beyond grateful for you. Your services are invaluable!" - Danica

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